About me

I am currently a PhD student in Computer Science and live in Southern California. I was born in 1989 and I am thus part of the “Millennial” Generation as we are called by the media. My parents were “baby-boomers.” I grew up in Connecticut and graduated NYU with a degree in math. After college, I worked in the Midwest for two years in the software industry before going back to school.

I have visited a total of 45 states and lived in 5 of them. Outside the US, I have visited Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and India. Travelling to all of these places is one of the main reasons I believe in looking at political and social issues objectively rather than from one particular viewpoint.

Many of my views were first inspired by satirical comedy. I have been watching The Simpsons and South Park since I was little. I am also a fan of 30 Rock, Family Guy, The Daily Show, Last Week Tonight, and other satirical comedy shows. These shows tend to not take on a particular ideology and instead seem to prefer to point out the absurdity of various groups in my opinion.

Finally, I grew up in the evangelical Christian church. When I was a teenager, for many reasons, I broke away from it and became an atheist. While I am not as anti-theistic as most atheists, I have good objective reasons to believe that politics and religion do not mix and religion should not be used as an avenue for hate. The lesson I learned from breaking away from the church was to always question the authority figures and always question any ideology you hear. Instead of finding other religions and ideologies, I decided to instead start judging everything objectively.


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